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Also known as PPC or Police Pistol Combat. This training course is used by many law enforcement agencies. This league is open to all who would like to participate. The league runs October to December and then again January to April. This discipline usually takes place on Wednesday nights (6pm - 9pm) and Sunday afternoons (3pm - 6pm). Check events calendar for any time changes

Course of fire is done in various positions; sitting, kneeling, prone, right and left barricade. We use B-27R targets at 7 yards and 50 feet for a total of 60 shots per score.  Once you have 10 scores in the top 6 scores are calculated for a final over all score . As an option to this you can shoot service for a total of 42 shots. There are awards and a fun shoot at the end of the winter league.

Equipment required is a revolver or semi-auto pistol .32 caliber or larger. You will need 4 speed loaders or 4 magazines and a side holster. Eye and ear protection and safe gun handling is required.

With this discipline you can choose to shoot open sights or optic sights.  Again with either a revolver or semi-automatic pistol. 

For more information contact Allan Little (810) 659-6376

(See Events Calendar on Members page for dates and times)

                            BOWLING PIN LEAGUE








 (w/Open Sights)                                                     (w/Red Dot)   




Cost : $25 for adults and $15 for juniors (18 yrs and under)

League usually runs in fall/winter months and lasts 10 weeks.

Any safe .22 caliber rimfire handgun (NO MAGNUMS) with open sights or optic sights.

You will be shooting one set of  4 consecutive tables for one score. Turn in 10 scores for the league. Best 6 scores will be added together for a aggregate time. Awards will be given out the last evening of the league.

You are shooting steel plate, knock down pins at 25 ft and the fastest score wins. 

For more information call George Reid at (810) 250-0340

(See Events Calendar on Members page for dates and times) 


                                                        BULLSEYE LEAGUE
























Bullseye shooting is also known as conventional pistol.  It is a one handed pistol shooting discipline. Indoor is usually shot at a distance of 50 ft.  Outdoors is shot at 25 and 50 yards. The course of fire is the same for both. Slow fire targets are 10 shots in 10 minutes. Timed fire is shot in 2 strings of 5 rounds in 20 seconds each.  Rapid fire is shot in 2 strings of 5 rounds in 10 seconds each. You can use any caliber from .22 to .45, most people start with a .22 pistol. 

The Flushing Bullseye Team shoots in the Saginaw Valley Pistol League.  Currently there are 8 teams.  A schedule is set up where each team will shoot home and away with each team. Traveling is not necessary to shoot this league.  The teams shoot every other week starting in September and ending in April. The Flushing Club and team host an 1800 in January and  February each year and has been hosting a 900 indoor sectional for the NRA Indoor National Champion in March. Summer shoots are once a month. 

This league is open to any club member or persons on the waiting list to join the club.



  Flushing Rifle and Pistol Club Junior League

  Monday's 6:00-8:00

The Flushing Junior Rifle League is for boys and girls ages 10 to 19. The League will teach Safe Firearm Handling, Range Safety and Marksmanship Skills. All shooters will go through the N.R.A. Rifle Marksmanship Program where they will able to earn Medals, Patches and Certificates of Achievement. Eventually they will be able to shoot in matches with in the Clubs, State, Region and National level. There is even some partial and full ride NCAA Collage Scholarships available throughout the country. Whatever your goal is, ours is to teach Safety and to have Fun with this sport.

This League will start the first Monday of October and will run through April concluding with an awards Banquet for the Participates of the League and their Family. This program is run on the individual's ability and if a week or two or even a semester is missed there is not a problem, everyone starts at the same place and continues on where they left off year to year.

During the winter, if the Flushing School District is shut down for a snow day, we will not shoot. The cost of this league is $35.00 per shooter. The only other cost is ammunition at $3.00 a box. The rifles that we useing are all target grade rifles and are zero'd in with our ammunition therefore no outside ammo please. All equipment is supplied by the club. You will see some shooter bring in their own equipment. This is theirs please do not touch any of it with-out their permission. All this equipment is very specialized and expensive. To outfit a shooter with rifle, scope stand, roll, matt, offhand stand, jacket, sling, you are looking at $2000 to $3000. The club equipment is no different; please treat as if it were your own.

We are here to have fun with the shooting sport but we must remain safe. We encourage the shooters to bring their home work, they will have time to do home work and we find this keeps them out of trouble and their grades up. Shooters we find when grades go down, parents will keep you home.

Parents: This is not a child care service. This league is for young adults not children, if a shooter doesn't show the maturity and respect that we expect they will be asked not to participate at this time. As with any sport, participates will get out of it what they put in. Please intend to bring the shooter every week. If a week or two or even a semester is missed there is not a problem coming back and proceeding where they left off. We need parent involvement and with some training we can find something you can help with, scoring targets, range help, set up and take down or maybe just help someone with homework.

(See Events Calendar on Members page for dates and times)

Steve Wallace 

(248) 978-7720   steve.1.wallace@gm.com