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Changes coming on how one buys and sells handguns


On Wednesday, January 7, 2009 the Jim Crow “safety inspection” of handguns will disappear.  Also on that day, a substitute procedure will be effected for registering handguns.  What one must do after January 7, 2009 depends on whether or not you have a CPL (concealed pistol license).

            If you do not have a CPL, you must still go to your local PD or Sheriff office and take a written exam to receive a four part license-to-purchase (valid for only ten days) at no cost.  If you do have a CPL, the seller needs to have a four part form to be provided by MSP.

            However acquired, the four part form is filled out by the seller, and signed by seller and buyer.  One copy of the form is kept by the seller.  Three copies go to the buyer.  The buyer keeps one copy that must be kept with the handgun for 30 days.  The buyer mails, or delivers, the other two copies to the local PD or Sheriff within ten days.

            Note with care the requirement to keep a copy of the form with the handgun for the first 30 days.  A provision exists to pay $1 to receive confirmation of registration.