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The correct abbreviation for a carry license in CPL or Concealed Pistol License.  The abbreviation CCW or Carrying a Concealed Weapon, is what you are charged with by police when you carry without a CPL.  This class is instructed by N.R.A. certified instructors and is open to everyone / club membership is not required.

The CCW class is also known as Personal Protection Class. This class meets the requirements for a CPL in the state of Michigan.  This is an advanced class, you must be able to hit what you are shooting at using safe gun handling.  The class is done in 3 sessions. The first session is the qualifier segment, you will be shooting at a distance of 21 ft at a target 8 x 11. The second is an all classroom day, included in this instruction is the legal requirement of Michigan. The third portion is an all range day that follows N.R.A.guidelines.

Requirements : You need to bring the gun you intend to carry and 150 rounds of ammunition. Also 2 magazines (if you intend to carry a semi-automatic pistol) or 2 speed loaders (for revolvers). A strong side holster is also needed. Ear and eye protection is mandatory.

Cost is $105 for non club members.



No classes currently scheduled.